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Help Your Skin, Heal Itself

Skin care is just as important as taking care of one’s health. Created by Dr. Heinz Maurer, Sebamed helps those that have skin diseases and are sensitive to soap. He created soap free tensidic wash products that turned out to be a huge success, which encouraged him to create a new line for those who have […]

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Now That’s a Wrap!

In life, it is okay to experience some things out of the realm. People should be able to live on the edge and with excitement. KTM gives many people opportunities to live on the edge and experience their inner adventurous spirits through cycling. KTM is a motorcycle brand that many racing motorcyclists have. It’s a […]

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Saving Lives

  Falls are a popular cause of death, especially to many seniors. LifeSupportMedical has created a 24 ft. branded trailer that plays as a mobile fall prevention laboratory that nearly has everything. It has anything a normal lab would have. It consist of 3-D motion capture imaging technology, and a 7 ft. gait analysis pad […]

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Hillside Heating & A/C

It’s the middle of July, and we’ve just experienced classic pastimes such as the 4th of July and the MLB All-Star game, meaning we’re right in the homestretch of summer! Now, don’t panic, as we still have a little over a month before we can actually conclude summer and send the kids back to school, […]

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Safari Christian Business Alliance

Building a business isn’t easy, and that is where networking plays a big part. When many people want to start a business, they don’t really know where to start, but it all begins with word to word mouth, advertising, and marketing your brand to the right crowd. Safari Christian Business Alliance is as brilliant idea […]

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Sandals Church

A couple once had a vision in 1997 and decided to live it for the rest of their lives. A vision to plant a church in their very own city of Riverside, California, which is now called Sandals Church. Sandals Church was not always a big congregation, but more or less started from the bottom […]

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Wicks Brewing Co

What’s the best way to combat the scorching heat that summer brings? With a cold drink of course! Temperatures have been rising quickly, so its important to find your summer favorite ASAP if you haven’t already! With so many options in the Inland Empire and SoCal, it is important to support your local brewery! Wicks […]

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CBU Safety Services

California Baptist University came back new and improved. CBU aims to focus on providing service, safety, and security for their campus and community. Enhancing safety is always important, especially for a tight knit community like a private university. CBU offers 24/7 safety service and a wide range of services around campus. CBU previously came to […]

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Avnte Apparel Cycling Team

805 Criterium is a popular racing event that allows people to come together to explore Lompoc Valley. This three day event offers over $50,000 in cash and merchandise prizes to  benefit and support the Lompoc Police Foundation. This foundation focuses on raising funds from the public to equipped the police department with the right services […]

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Western Municipal Water District

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you haven’t been made aware of the serious drought California is in. The rest of us have been constantly reminded through almost every media outlet but rightfully so, at this rate California won’t have water in a few years. Now, granted our […]

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