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RV Wrap Examples

A study showed 95% of Americans travel by car each week, which creates a mass audience for your car wrap advertising.

Consider again the fact that one vehicle wrap can generate up to thousands of impressions each day! Your company will definitely be noticed by the millions of commuters on the road with your high quality, custom vehicle wraps. offers low wholesale cost for vehicle wraps while still maintaining a high standard of quality and excellence. Now, you may be wondering how we are able to find the balance between cost and quality. The reason is quite simple. We have a very low operating cost because we use the Internet instead of employing a highly paid sales team. We keep our prices down while keeping our vehicle wrap product standards high.

Our company offers its customers vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics of the highest quality for the lowest wholesale price. We make over the vehicles in your company with custom, professional car wraps. Make the most of the tools you already have to spread the name and product of your particular business. Car wrap your fleet of vehicles and expand the marketing coverage of your company instantly. As drivers and commuters, people will have no choice but to look at the dramatic vehicle wrap displayed on your own RV as it drives around your company’s area of service. Product Acceptance and Research said that 94% of those responding to their survey recalled seeing the mobile billboard or vehicle wrap, with a startling 80% recalling the specific advertisement. These vehicle wrap billboards resulted in a sales increase of 107%! That is an incredible amount of sales growth! RV wrap advertising provides a unique and excellent market reach because it has the potential to generate thousands of impressions per day, depending on where your auto wrap advertising vehicle travels.